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Innovations in Shared Services

When it comes to information technology, the price of "going it alone" is becoming more evident. Community colleges are finding it increasingly difficult to shoulder the high costs and responsibility associated with their IT operations. Some colleges may be wasting resources on specialized staff who are underutilized. Plus, individual colleges have less influence with vendors, which results in less favorable pricing and contract terms. Because of these factors, an increasing number of community colleges are looking for opportunities to share services. CampusWorks' Senior IT Executive Jerry Smith recently wrote an article for CCBO's The Bottom Line newsletter to help institutions understand the value of shared services.

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Don't miss our upcoming educational session "Innovations in Shared Services," which will be presented by Liz Murphy and San Juan College's Vice President of Administrative Services Ed DesPlas at CCBO's Annual International Conference on Sunday, September 24 at 2:30 PM CT.

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