Go boldly into the future.

August 2017

Leading Change Takes Moxie

One of the great privileges of working for CampusWorks is the opportunity to work with courageous people who put their own interests aside and focus on the true mission of higher education—to improve society, one person at a time.
The work we do with our clients takes talent and commitment and, more importantly, grit. The work is not easy. Often, we are making changes in institutions, policies, and processes that have been in place for many decades. Progress requires leadership, and leadership means setting an example. Doing the difficult because it impacts the most people. Making the tough call because it repositions the institution to thrive.
So many of our clients lead by example, taking brave, decisive steps when they see an organizational problem that impacts the student experience or their staff’s ability to be responsive. They restructure, remediate, and reinvigorate their support of technology, and as a result, they see transformative results. Making difficult decisions takes a strong team of individuals committed to a clear vision. It takes moxie.
We applaud both our courageous clients and our brave team members who take steps on a daily basis to improve the lives of students one action at time. We are humbled by your example. We are grateful for your moxie.

To your continued success!

Liz Murphy
CEO, CampusWorks