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April 2017

Our Secret Sauce

Clients often ask where we find the awesome talent that brings solutions to life on their campuses. The answer is that talent typically finds us. Awesome people are attracted to CampusWorks because of our vision to “make higher education accessible to everyone.” This vision is aligned with our clients’ missions as well as the personal aspirations of many of our team members.

CampusWorks’ unique model—creating a workplace where individuals can leverage their decades of experience in a manner that suits their current personal goals—positions us to attract some of the finest talent in higher education. We are a virtual company, which means our folks can live where they want. We hire a mix of part-time consultants and full-time employees so individuals who no longer want the burden of working full-time can make valuable contributions to our client institutions. When other firms are ushering out seasoned talent in favor of lower-cost personnel, we remain focused on hiring the most experienced talent available. That investment allows us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Our commitment to our clients begins with our commitment to our people. Know that when you partner with CampusWorks, you are working with the highest caliber individuals who are committed to a shared purpose and dedicated to your success.

To your continued success!

Liz Murphy
CEO, CampusWorks