Top 20 in 20

CampusWorks’ Top 20 in 20

In honor of CampusWorks’ 20th Anniversary, we are celebrating our top 20 achievements over the past 20 years.

1. Continuing the family tradition.

In 1999, the Schoenberg family and their partners had the idea for a higher education technology consulting company, and together they launched CampusWorks. Today, the company is still privately owned by members of the Schoenberg family and shareholders.

2. Team growth.

When CampusWorks was founded in 1999, the team consisted of 16 people. Today, we have 186 team members with deep experience in higher education—including employees, contractors, Executive Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors—and we continue to grow. See our career opportunities »

3. Expanded capabilities.

In the early days, CampusWorks primarily provided interim technology leadership services to community colleges. Today, we have a robust portfolio of services. Learn more »

4. Results that matter.

Given the changes occurring in higher education, there is a greater need for CampusWorks’ experience and expertise to help institutions improve operations, reduce costs, and position students for success. Our services help institutions achieve measurable results and powerful transformations that will ensure their success well into the future. See our results »

5. Growing client list.

The first year we opened our doors, CampusWorks had seven clients. Today, we have 45 active clients and have worked with dozens more. Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, Massachusetts is our longest running client to date. Learn how CampusWorks helped improve student service at Bunker Hill Community College »

6. Diverse client mix.

CampusWorks started out serving the community college market. But as our services evolved, so did our reach. Today, our clients come in all shapes and sizes—from single campus colleges and universities with small enrollments to state systems and consortia. Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa was our first long-term university client, a partnership that dates back to 2011. Penn State University in University Park, PA was our first research-1 (R1) university client. And Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium was our first consortium client.

7. Statewide success.

In 2014, we began working with our first state system client, Nevada Higher Education System. Since that first contract, CampusWorks has gone on to work with additional state systems, including Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, University System of New Hampshire, Vermont State Colleges, New Mexico Community College System, North Carolina Community College System, Virginia Community College System, Alabama Community College System, and Oregon Community College System.

8. International reach.

When CampusWorks was founded, we served higher education institutions in the United States. In 2002, we discovered a need for our services at institutions in Canada. Today, we are engaged in long-term contracts at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta; Alberta University of the Arts (formerly Alberta College of Art & Design) in Calgary, Alberta; and Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba.

9. Clients who love us.

At CampusWorks, our clients are our biggest fans. While they have given us many glowing reviews over the years, one of the most memorable was from Dr. Rita Cepeda, former chancellor of San Jose-Evergreen Community College District in California, who said, “CampusWorks could put out the fires in hell.” (Thanks, Dr. Cepeda!)
Hear what some of our other clients say about working with us »

10. Reduced carbon footprint.

CampusWorks’ first office was located in the founder's home in Sarasota, Florida. By 2002, the company had grown to the point that it needed its own space, and we moved to an office building at 330 South Pineapple Avenue. With continued growth came the need for even more space. In March 2009, CampusWorks relocated to 126 South Osprey Avenue. By March 2013, CampusWorks had team members and clients across the United States and Canada. To reduce the company’s impact on the environment and improve operational efficiency, CampusWorks made the decision to become a virtual organization. Today, our team members work from their home offices and client sites, using technology to connect and collaborate.

11. Meaningful work.

Our singular purpose in serving higher education rooted in our belief that it offers learners a pathway to improve their lives and society is a key motivator for our team members, who regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients support student success. Learn about CampusWorks’ philosophy »

12. Collaborative, supportive culture.

Our team members frequently tell us how much they enjoy working for CampusWorks. Not only do they value our vision and mission, they enjoy working in a highly collaborative, supportive culture that celebrates their success. Find out why people love working at CampusWorks »

13. Commitment to independence.

CampusWorks does not partner with any hardware or software vendors nor do we sell any products. This independence has helped us become a trusted partner of countless colleges and universities because of the unbiased perspective we bring to every engagement. We proudly maintain our independence so our clients can trust that our recommendations and guidance are offered with only their institution’s best interests at heart.

14. Unanimous selection decisions.

Selecting an enterprise software solution can be a major stumbling block for institutions. Over the past 20 years, CampusWorks has developed an evaluation and selection methodology that is inclusive, transparent, and collaborative—often helping clients reach a unanimous decision and gain campus-wide support. For many institutions we’ve worked with over the years, our methodology has helped them identify the right solution to fit their needs and lay the groundwork for a smooth transition. Learn more about CampusWorks’ ERP Evaluation & Selection services »

15. Supporting student success.

CampusWorks is dedicated to making higher education more accessible. Over the past 20 years, we have donated over $700,000 to our clients’ foundations and scholarships to support student success. In fact, The CampusWorks Scholarship is helping students at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) overcome financial hardships and pursue their professional goals. Learn more »

16. Enabling innovation.

The changing higher education landscape has caused institutions to re-examine their business models and transform student services. CampusWorks helps institutions become more innovative by bringing their community members together and listening to their needs. In December 2018, CampusWorks helped Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada become the first higher education institution in Canada to issue academic credentials to graduating students through Blockchain. Learn more »

17. Optimizing processes and technology.

Many institutions are equipped with the technology needed to support student success but need help optimizing their processes and system functionality to harness its full potential. Recently, CampusWorks helped Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) reimagine and redesign their business processes to support a new ERP system. “CampusWorks’ Process Reimagine & Redesign (PRR) methodology teaches all who participate how to think about their process within the vision of their college’s student experience statement,” said WCCC Vice President of Enrollment Management and executive sponsor Sydney Beeler. “The CampusWorks team created an innovative and safe space in which we can learn how to leverage the technology we already have and prepare for the future.” Learn more »

18. People who care.

The transformational results seen at our client sites are made possible by CampusWorks’ team members—a group of friendly, knowledgeable professionals with deep experience who demonstrate daily that they really care about our clients and each other. This is especially evident at our annual All Hands meetings when you can see the genuine relationships our team members have forged with each other. This is particularly impressive when you consider that our clients and staff are spread throughout the country. Check out how much fun we have together »

19. Insightful, experienced Executive Advisory Board.

When you partner with CampusWorks, not only do you have access to our team of technical and functional experts, you also have access to our Executive Advisory Board (EAB), which is comprised of former college and university presidents, chancellors, and trustees who have walked in your shoes, understand your challenges, and are always available to provide guidance. Meet CampusWorks’ EAB »

20. Higher education leadership.

CampusWorks is dedicated exclusively to higher education, and this commitment has helped us become a leader in the industry. Colleges and universities across the nation turn to us for support and guidance when they encounter a challenge, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to help them transform their institutions to make higher education more accessible.

Thank you for your partnership and support over the past 20 years. Here’s to many more!

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