Enrollment Roadmap

Enrollment Roadmap for higher education.

CampusWorks' Enrollment Roadmap is a custom, action-oriented approach to optimize enrollment. As a result of participating in this engagement, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the institution’s current enrollment challenges.
  • Receive an integrated action plan to optimize enrollment with buy-in from key stakeholders.
  • Leverage customized coaching to begin laying the groundwork for a successful transformation.

Facing an Uncertain Future

Disruptive forces are impacting enrollment at colleges and universities nationwide. Uncertainty about the future has made it nearly impossible for higher education leaders to make informed decisions about staffing, programming, support services, and critical campus operations.

CampusWorks’ Enrollment Roadmap service can help higher education leaders reduce uncertainty by providing a clear path to enrollment success. This service goes above and beyond typical enrollment planning offerings by aligning strategy with action and expertise. 

During this three-step process, the CampusWorks team:

  • Conducts a comprehensive assessment of the institution’s student lifecycle against its strategies, business processes, operational alignment, and technology.
  • Develops an actionable roadmap that can be implemented immediately to remove barriers, implement best practices, and optimize operations to achieve enrollment success.
  • Provides customized coaching and hands-on support to help campus leadership and enrollment staff begin implementing the roadmap and realizing results.

Throughout the process, the CampusWorks team facilitates collaboration with the institution’s leadership, enrollment staff, and key stakeholders to ensure transparency, achieve buy-in, and drive action and accountability.

Enrollment Roadmap Approach

1. Assessment

CampusWorks’ assessment team begins the engagement by evaluating the student lifecycle—from initial inquiry through graduation and beyond—to identify opportunities to remove barriers, implement best practices, and optimize processes. Their findings and recommendations are detailed in an assessment report and presented to the institution’s leadership team.

Assessment areas may include:

Academic Advising | Academic Affairs | Admissions | Auxiliary Services | Business Affairs | Career Services | Counseling | Financial Aid | Marketing & PR | Registrar | Strategic Planning | Student Life 

2. Roadmap

After the assessment is complete, the CampusWorks team collaborates with the institution’s enrollment staff and key stakeholders to develop a roadmap that provides a clear path to enrollment success. They review current enrollment-related projects and plans to ensure the roadmap integrates the institution’s ongoing initiatives and addresses its unique challenges. The resulting roadmap is an integrated action plan that has buy-in from the staff who helped create it and will be responsible for executing it.

Enrollment-related projects and plans may include:

Grant-Funded Initiatives | Guided Pathways | Enrollment Plan | Marketing Plan | Recruitment Plan | Retention Plan | Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan | Technology Implementations & Integrations | Web Presence

3. Coaching

Once the roadmap is finalized, CampusWorks provides coaching support to help the institution start implementing the action plan and lay the groundwork for a successful transformation.

Coaching support options:

  • Technical training - CampusWorks trains the institution’s staff to fully leverage the features and functionality available within its enrollment-related technology solutions. 
  • Thought partnership - CampusWorks provides project sponsors and cross-functional teams with guidance and feedback on roadmap execution.
  • Executive coaching - CampusWorks supports campus leaders as they manage high-priority enrollment initiatives and drive accountability.

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Voice of the Client

“CampusWorks evaluated our business processes through a critical lens and gave us many recommendations for improvement, which we were able to use to enhance the student experience and student success and drive enrollment growth.”

- Janelle Elias, VP, Strategic Initiatives & National Division, Rio Salado College