Thought Leadership

Experience is most valuable when it inspires new ideas.

Thought Leadership

At CampusWorks we have some of the most sought-after thought leaders in higher education. They are constantly being asked to write articles and speak at industry events, and they welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge.

«New»​ Are you Cloud Ready?

By Jerry Smith
CCBO's The Bottom Line, October 2016

Higher education is moving to the cloud, but very few colleges are ready to take the leap. CampusWorks' cloud readiness expert discusses the four questions institutions must consider before moving to the cloud.

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6 Surprising Security Threats Facing Your College

By Joe Traino and T.J. Arowolo
CCBO's The Bottom Line, July 2016

As technology continues to change and evolve, information security threats are growing ever more sophisticated. CampusWorks' security experts expose the top security threats facing higher education today and explain what you can do to help protect your institution from becoming a victim.

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Transforming IT

By Jerry Smith
CCBO's The Bottom Line, April 2016

Traditionally, colleges have managed and delivered information technology in one of two ways: either through their internal IT department or by contracting with a managed services vendor. However, as higher education continues to change and evolve, more colleges are realizing that these models are neither efficient nor sustainable. In this article, CampusWorks' technology experts propose a new approach.

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The Affordable Care Act (and What It Means to Your College)

Article by Liz Murphy
CCBO's The Bottom Line, January 2016 

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to increase access to quality, affordable healthcare, the regulatory ramifications have sent a shock wave through Human Resources departments across the nation. CampusWorks' CEO Liz Murphy explains what it could mean for your institution.

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 Using Technology in Planning for Success

Article by Liz Murphy
Community College Daily, July 2015

When technology works right, it’s a great enabler of success. But when it fails, everyone feels it. So why do some institutions get it right while others are left with broken processes and inefficient systems? Liz Murphy explains. 

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Is it Time for Shared Services?

Article by Liz Murphy
CCBO's The Bottom Line, July 2015 

In this article CampusWorks' CEO Liz Murphy explains how shared service collaborations can help institutions do more with less.

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Challenges and Benefits of a Virtual Company

iLead - The Leadership Connection Radio Show
July 2015

In this radio interview Dr. Linda Sharkey talks with CampusWorks' CEO Liz Murphy about several leadership topics, including: why women make great CEO's, the current situation of women in leadership, and what Liz learned and did to promote her career. They also discuss the challenges and benefits of a virtual organization and how this model is gaining great traction in the world today. 

The Power to Compete

Article by Dr. Tamela Hawley, Dr. Hank Dunn, Don Penrose, and Peter Bosco
College Services, June 2015

In this article CampusWorks' higher education experts Dr. Hank Dunn, Don Penrose, and Peter Bosco team up with Dr. Tamela Hawley, interim vice chancellor for institutional effectiveness and student success at San Jose Evergreen Community College District, to share how they improved student success and inspired a cultural shift that transformed the district.

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National Panel on Skills Attainment and Competency Based Education

Panel Discussion, June 2015

Sponsored by CampusWorks, this 90-minute seminar focuses on the critical need for higher education leaders to help bridge the skills gap in the world, the U.S. and various industry sectors. Joining the discussion are panelists Dr. Bill Path, President of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Gary Beach, author of The U.S. Technology Skills Gap and Publisher Emeritus for CIO Magazine, Michael Matthews, CIO and Global Education Strategist at Oral Roberts University, along with Liz Murphy, President of CampusWorks.

Defining the Student Experience

Article by Hank Dunn, Executive Director of Client Development, CampusWorks
Trustee Quarterly, Winter 2015

In this article higher education expert Hank Dunn discusses why colleges must bring different departments together to see how students experience their institutions in totality.

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"Why Budgeting is 'Mission-Critical' for Community Colleges"

Roundtable Discussion, October 2014

Budgeting plays a key role in strategic success for all higher education institutions. But why is budgeting "mission-critical" for community colleges? Liz Murphy, CEO of CampusWorks, facilitates a discussion about budgeting challenges and successes with panelists from three community colleges:

  • Stacy Buckingham, Dean for Financial Operations, John A. Logan College
  • Donna Farlow, Director of Budgeting, Union County College
  • Steve Miller, Assistant Controller, San Juan College

"How Do We Make Real Change When We're Strapped for Resources?"

Webinar, September 2014

Many days it’s not easy to see the path to change, let alone transformation, as our vision is clouded with operational crises and limitations. Stop, think; then go and invest. That’s our model for helping institutions make sustainable change and position themselves for the transformation we know must occur in higher education. Learn the simple steps to optimize the tools you already own, and leverage your staff to perform at the highest level of service to achieve your student success outcomes. Join us for this webinar led by CampusWorks CEO Liz Murphy whose team is devoted to removing the barriers to student success.

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