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«New» Raised the Bar

"[CampusWorks' CIO] has raised the bar with his open and transparent communication, leadership and team-building skills. [He] and his/our IT professionals are now full members of the SJC team. They understand how vital inclusive behavior and decision-making are to the educational environment that we are all a part of. [He] seeks win-win solutions in his collaborative efforts and in getting the job done."

- Ed DesPlas, Vice President of Administrative Services, San Juan College 

Title III Success

"CampusWorks provided guidance and assistance in designing a plan to efficiently and effectively meet and exceed the measurable objectives in our Title III grant in a way that would be sustainable. They helped us develop and establish the processes needed to carry out the grant’s intentions in a way that was meaningful to our students, faculty, and staff. They are able to individualize their services and identify what is needed to maximize success.”

- Patti Hanson, Director of Online Programs and Title III, North Iowa Area Community College

Home Run

“When I contacted CampusWorks regarding our IT needs, I was skeptical. I had dealt with other IT consulting firms with less than stellar results. My experience with CampusWorks was different. Our campus had a need for an outsourced CIO while we conducted a search for a permanent person. CampusWorks paired us with Chuck Sweet, a professional with exceptional knowledge of all aspects of information technology. Beyond IT, Chuck’s depth and breadth of experience in higher education management and strategy became a substantive asset to the President’s Cabinet. Chuck was charged with three projects: first, a complete assessment of our IT function; second, create a 3-year plan for our IT department; and third, conduct a search for a permanent CIO. From his first week on our site, it was apparent that Chuck was a great fit for our organization. He quickly became a trusted consultant to all areas of our institution. The assessment was completed on time and gave us great insight into the status of our IT area. It was frank, yet tactful. The three-year plan painted a great roadmap for our near-term future. Finally, the CIO search resulted in us finding a great addition to our senior leadership team and a permanent CIO we are truly excited to bring on. Thanks to Chuck, our engagement with CampusWorks was a home run. We highly recommend him and his firm.”

- Thomas Arendt, VP for Administration and Finance/CFO, Southern California University of Health Sciences

IT Transformation

"I want to express my thanks for CampusWorks' assistance in identifying the issues we need to focus on in improving the operations of our IT department. I also want to express our pleasure that you were able to find the right person to help us through a difficult time over the past four months."

​- Robert Cox, Chief Business Officer, Aims Community College

An Incredible Value

“The engagement with CampusWorks was an incredible value to St. Louis Community College. Their staff brought with them a student-centered perspective as they worked in tandem with College faculty and staff to assist in making business process improvements in both the Student Affairs and Information Technology departments. I fully appreciate their project management and continuous quality improvement approaches as they worked to structure departments, reporting lines, staff, and business processes designed to improve the entire student experience. In addition, the staff at CampusWorks are excellent to work with and do an effective job in aligning with the culture of the institution to determine the best approach possible for the implementation of improvements or new ideas. I would recommend CampusWorks to any institution interested in improving existing practices or exploring new markets.”

- Dr. Jeff Pittman, Chancellor, St. Louis Community College

Savings of over $300k

"CampusWorks did an OUTSTANDING job reviewing LMS bids and ensuring all proposed services and expenses were justified! In fact, when CampusWorks completed its services your team saved Upper Iowa University over $300K for our final agreed upon contract! I'd recommend you all to anyone considering an LMS/Enterprise assessment or transition."

- Bill Duffy, President, Upper Iowa University​

Smoothest Sememster Start Ever

"Thank you for all of the work you have done and the changes you have helped implement at Clark State. I have never had a smoother beginning to a semester in my twenty-two years in higher education than this past week, and CampusWorks’ engagement is a large part of this success. As we follow-through on our BPI’s, the service we give to our students will only improve. As I continue to say to our employees, 'we want students to experience our service and not our process.'"

- Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, President, Clark State Community College

Moving in the Right Direction

"The fall start has gone exceedingly well, thanks in large part to the work CampusWorks did to assist me in getting the department aligned and moving in the right direction."

- Matt Franz, CIO, Clark State Community College

A Great Team

“Just want to laud you and your team. I'm impressed and appreciate how you and your team move...You have a great team.”

- Ted Laskaris, CIO, Champlain College

Expertise and Professionalism

“Thank you for your excellent presentation...I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful insight, which I believe will ignite a variety of important internal conversations and set the stage for good decision making going forward. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. The same should be extended to the rest of your team.”

- Shawn Brown, Chief of Staff, Westchester Community College

Innovative Solutions to Contemporary IT Challenges

Hear what Dr. Leah L. Bornstein, president of Aims Community College, has to say about her experience with CampusWorks.

Emerging Partnership

Hear what John Pitcher, vice president of administration and finance at Bunker Hill Community College, has to say about the College's evolving partnership with CampusWorks.

Understands and Honors Institutions' Needs

"CampusWorks is an exceptional IT organization that can be trusted to understand and honor the needs of any institution it serves. They will work diligently to establish realistic timelines, and meet the agreed upon deliverables within the timelines established, within budget, and in a highly-effective manner. They are a high-performing, exceptional IT company with the highest quality and integrity. They have highly competent IT professionals who serve on their consulting teams and on their behalf as an institution’s Chief Technology Officer. I highly recommend CampusWorks to any educational institution that is committed to providing state-of-the-art and future technologies that will enhance student learning and instructional and administrative efficiency and effectiveness."

- Chancellor Emerita Deborah Blue, State Center Community College District

Bringing Trust & Credibility Back to the IT Department

"After performing an extensive assessment, Campus Works provided an Interim CIO for 14 months during a very transitional time at the college. CampusWorks' CIO investigated a number of system and organizational options for the IT department. He initiated changes that enhanced some services and confirmed that others were already optimized. He brought trust and credibility back to the IT department, allowing IT to move forward with the business of the institution."

- Ginny Schorle, Chief Information Officer, St. Louis Community College

​Making a Difference

"I would like to thank CampusWorks for generously supporting the BHCC Foundation Scholarships. I am a recipient of one of these awards and it has made a big difference in my life. Because of this scholarship, I can complete my dream of becoming a Computer Systems Information Manager. I intend to graduate in Spring 2017. I will attend UMass Lowell and get my Bachelor’s hopefully. Thanks for the support!"

- Scholarship Recipient, Bunker Hill Community College

Vital to Our Success

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with [CampusWorks' CIO] Vinny [Zicolello]. He is an exceptional employee and an all-around genuine person. Vinny's field experience and knowledge base has helped our institution greatly, but his personal manner and ability to evaluate from an open mind are assets that are both rare but vital to ensure success."

- Krystal Reagan, Associate Dean for Education Technology, John A. Logan College

A Good Fit

"[CampusWorks' CIO] Peter [Lundberg] is a terrific person and a good fit for Cecil. He has come in and quickly begun to complete assessments of the work to be completed on the project list and of the IT team...I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for assigning such a strong representative of CampusWorks to Cecil College. He is engagingly professional and expresses a sincere interest in moving us forward."

- Diane Lane, Vice President of Student Services and Institutional Effectiveness, Cecil College 

On Time, Quality Product, Within Budget

"[CampusWorks' Vice President of the Client Experience Carolan Moran] deserve[s] tremendous credit … we executed according to the plan that you laid out for us and according to the advice that you have given...delivering Banner Finance with new, uniform processes across the Touro College and University System on time, with a quality product, and within budget. Yes, we got all three...Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done. I look forward to continuing to work with you as we move forward with the next stages of implementation." 

- David Raab, Executive Vice President, Touro College and University System

Taking Us to the Next Level

"CampusWorks has taken us to the next level. [Our CampusWorks CIO] is one of the brightest people I ever met and she is the face of IT and approachability. She gathers cross functional teams and pulls it all together.”

– Dr. Pam Eddinger, President, Bunker Hill Community College

No More IT Worries

“As a new President two years ago, the challenges in Information Technology were at the top of my worry list. Now they don’t even cross my mind.” 

– Dr. David Harrison, President, Columbus State Community College

The Most Value for Our Money

"We chose CampusWorks to assist us with our ERP evaluation and selection because they specialize in higher education. We felt confident that they would deliver the most value for our money. And they have."

- Roberto Lombardo, Sr. Vice President of IT, Daytona State College

Reconnecting Us to Our Mission

"Your sponsorship of Bowling for Scholars will make a lot of dreams come true for St. Louis Community College students. Thank you for opening your heart in such a bold way—it will, in turn, open so many student minds. Unrelated to bowling; thank for reconnecting STLCC to our mission. CampusWorks is clearly concerned with the success of STLCC. Many thanks for all you've done."

- Ellen Gough, Manager of Campus Auxiliary Services, St. Louis Community College-Wildwood

Wealth of Knowledge

"[CampusWorks CEO Liz Murphy] brings a wealth of knowledge to any discussion and her ability to get to the heart of the matter is refreshing!"

– Bobby Flack, CIO Mount St. Mary's University

Global Understanding

"CampusWorks has given us a global understanding of how to optimize our IT functions across College departments to be effective and efficient.”

– Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, President, Clark State Community College

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One of the Best Decisions I Made                                                                  

"Hiring CampusWorks was one of the best decisions I made as President."

  – Carole Cowan, Immediate Past President, Middlesex Community College

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A Fabulous Resource

“CampusWorks has been a fabulous resource at Gulf Coast State College, providing us with outstanding expertise and great people with which to do business. We were aggressive in our implementation, but it would not have happened so smoothly without the helping hand of CampusWorks. My salute to this great group.”

– Dr. Jim Kerley, Immediate Past President, Gulf Coast State College

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Great Listener

“[CampusWorks Project Manager Karen Heinemann] has jumped into this effort in full and she is doing a great job. She is a great listener and she is doing those basic functions of communication, timeline management, recognition of people working on components/ modules, etc. She is scheduling a 'celebration' or a time of recognition for those who worked on the past modules that we successfully moved into production. As you know, with ERP projects there are several modules that get converted in an orderly way. Each module is important and involves different issues and people. She is learning what each of those is and planning to make them more visible for us all."

– Mark Kinkade, Chief Information Technology Officer, John A. Logan College

Helped the Process Go Smoothly

“[CampusWorks Senior Optimization Executive] Linda Champion helped the Process Reimagine & Redesign go smoothly. She kept the team on track and progressing forward. She knew what questions to ask and it was apparent that she is very good at what she does. [CampusWorks Senior Technologist] April McGuire is an excellent worker and is always ready to put in the extra time and push to meet tight deadlines. She is extremely competent and she is the real reason that our transition to Vantagen has been so successful! And [CampusWorks Senior Optimization Specialist] Therese Skinner was a great help during the Process Reimagine &  Redesign. She knew what processes and forms we were referring to and that became very apparent when we received the process maps for the review." 

– Sarah Southwick, Department IT Analyst, Human Resources, Coconino Community College

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Helping Move Us Where We Need to Be

“I’m very comfortable with [CampusWorks interim Chief Information Officer Jerry Smith's] approach and am confident he’ll help move us where we need to be. Also, CampusWorks Project Manager Julie Falconer was wonderful and did yeoman’s duty here, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She was so conscientious…she sent us business process reviews and I noticed the time of the email was 12:01 this morning. So far, I think we’re doing great.”

– Dr. Dennis Michaelis, Interim Chancellor, St. Louis Community College

Accessible, Knowledgeable, Easy to Work With

"Throughout the project, CampusWorks CEO Liz Murphy has been accessible, knowledgeable, and easy to work with."

– Dr. Barbara Kavalier, District President, Navarro College

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Culture of Teamwork

“CampusWorks has given us focus and created a culture of teamwork. We had high expectations for CampusWorks, and they have exceeded our expectations.”

– Jesse Thompson, Immediate Past Executive Vice President, Bunker Hill Community College

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A Strong Group of Professionals

“I have been extremely impressed with your team of resources. [CampusWorks Project Manager] Jerry Smith has incredible credentials and such broad experience. Jerry is a blessing to work with. [CampusWorks Senior Optimization Executives] Teri Weston and Sherree Hyde are two professionals with so much kindness and patience. They listen to prideful people discuss their processes and with a smile and simply document what they hear. Amazing! Last, [CampusWorks Senior Technologist] Bret Moeller is the most recent resource to help us. Bret is a highly technical network/infrastructure resource. Bret came in and immediately began helping by scanning our servers for vulnerabilities and now is going to help us complete our backup solution. Bret works quietly and discreetly... I am keenly aware of the challenges you face in identifying the right people who know their role as a consultant. Your team is a strong group of professionals.”

– Mark Kinkade, Chief Information Technology Officer, John A. Logan College

Established a Culture of Excellence

"The Community College of Baltimore County chose CampusWorks through a competitive process to be our technology partner in addressing a large number of challenges we faced in maximizing the benefits of our IT infrastructure. CampusWorks has not only helped to bring the College up to date, but has moved us ahead, stabilizing our technology, building an outstanding IT department, and establishing a culture of excellence that serves the College well. We have been very pleased with the IT leadership provided by CampusWorks."

– Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis, President, Community College of Baltimore


Awards and Recognition

Middlesex Community College presented their prestigious President's Award to their first CampusWorks Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Darrow Neves. The award, presented by President Carole Cowan, is given annually to honor a person or department for outstanding service to the college community.





Gulf Coast State College honored their CampusWorks Project Manager with the Soaring Eagle Award for her inspirational and outstanding leadership. President Jim Kerley acknowledged CampusWorks' commitment to the ERP implementation project and described it as one of their most successful undertakings.


Coconino Community College acknowledged the accomplishments of their CampusWorks CIO, Joe Traino, by naming him their 2012 Outstanding Leadership Employee of the Year.


Touro College and University System expressed their gratitude to the CampusWorks team with a special awards ceremony that recognized their efforts and accomplishments over the year.