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Changing technology and shrinking budgets make it difficult to maintain a competitive advantage. That's why CampusWorks is committed to helping you find ways to do more with less. Whether it's combining resources to reduce costs or getting more out of your administrative system, CampusWorks can help your institution become more efficient and effective.

Here's how we can help...

Shared Services

Implementing shared services can be an effective way for your institution to operate more efficiently, but it’s often easier said than done. That’s why clients partner with CampusWorks to help make it happen.

Our team has a successful history of helping higher education institutions reduce administrative burden by streamlining and centralizing redundant tasks and services. Over the years, we've developed business cases and best practices that enable us to design a shared services arrangement that will meet your institution's diverse needs.

Through our collaborative approach, we'll work closely with key stakeholders to review your institution's business processes, develop new shared procedures, and create a governance model to guide the initiative. When the project is complete, your institution will operate more efficiently, freeing up your staff to spend more time focusing on student success.

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Administrative (ERP) & Learning System Selections

Selecting an ERP system is an investment in your institution's future. It's also a complex decision with many variables. That's why clients turn to CampusWorks for help.

As a vendor-neutral partner, we'll take the time to evaluate your institution's current and future needs and identify the shortcomings of your existing system. Since we have experience with all of the major platforms, we know the questions to ask and we understand the hurdles that must be overcome. We'll help you develop a thorough RFP, evaluate each system's strengths and weaknesses against your institution's needs, and finalize your decision. We pride ourselves on cost-effective selection processes that allow you to invest more money in services to ramp up your staff. Vendors and client institutions agree the CampusWorks selection process is engaging, transforming and transparent. Together, we can make sure your investment is the right one.

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ERP Conversions & Upgrades

ERP systems are a major asset, but they're often underutilized. This can happen when users don't understand how the system's features can benefit them or they don't have the time to learn how to use the functionality. But you can get more out of your ERP system, and CampusWorks can help.

We will work with your staff to determine where utilization gaps exist, identify necessary upgrades and conversions to make sure you have access to the right functionality, and help train your staff to use the new functionality. When our work is done, your staff will better understand your ERP system and it will better serve their needs.

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Banner 9 Upgrade

Institutions across the nation that are using Ellucian's Banner ERP system are facing the challenge of how to upgrade to Banner 9 by December 31, 2018. Our experience has shown us that successful institutions are those who view these transitions not as an “IT project,” but as an opportunity to create momentum, strengthen the technology environment, drive business process improvements, and deliver a better student experience. CampusWorks is helping colleges and universities make the most of the Banner upgrade requirement by using this opportunity to standardize business processes, reduce or eliminate customizations, and improve data quality. Addressing these issues now will position your institution for a move to the cloud when you’re ready.

A successful Banner 9 upgrade starts with preparation. The CampusWorks team begins by conducting a Technology Assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current Banner environment and the technology infrastructure supporting it to help you determine the best path forward by illuminating variables that will impact the project’s cost and timeline. Conducting a Technology Assessment at the outset will give you a holistic view of the current state of IT at your institution, arming your team with actionable information that will be useful throughout this process and beyond. Based on the findings from your Technology Assessment, we will develop an approach that is tailored to your institution’s unique needs and strategic goals in order to help you get the most value out of your Banner ERP environment.

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Migration Away from Managed Services

In today’s environment, few institutions have the luxury of outsourcing their IT staff; however, transitioning from an outsourced provider to an in-house staff isn't easy. But CampusWorks' expertise in ERP applications, infrastructure, security, and instructional technology will help ensure a smooth transition. We’ll plan a thoughtful approach to facilitate the transition, assist in staff recruitment, and spend time mentoring your team so they are able to continue achieving success after the transition is complete.

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ERP Implementation Support

Deploying an ERP system is no easy task; that's why 90% of ERP implementations end in failure. But yours doesn't have to.

CampusWorks has decades of experience providing project management for ERP implementations at colleges and universities. Our technical specialists support all platforms—including Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, PowerCampus, CampusManagement and Jenzabar—and our functional specialists understand the nuances of each department's needs. We'll work closely with your team to prevent problems, overcome obstacles, manage the intricacies of implementation, and ensure that your deployment is completed on time and within budget.

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On Time, Under Budget ERP Implementation at Gulf Coast State College  

Implementing an ERP system can be one of the most expensive and complicated initiatives for an institution. So when Gulf Coast State College decided to replace its inefficient legacy system with a new ERP System they brought in CampusWorks to help.

We negotiated with the ERP vendor to secure contract discounts that reduced implementation costs by one-third. And we worked closely with the Gulf Coast team to employ our legacy migration best practice, which we've developed from years of experience, to facilitate a smooth implementation and successful rollout that was completed six weeks ahead of schedule. Our partnership saved both time and money and the project was recognized by the college president as one of their most successful undertakings.

“Only 10% of ERP implementations come in on budget and on time. That is an interesting statistic and places us in elite company. This was only possible through extreme cooperation between CampusWorks and Gulf Coast and tireless efforts of college and CampusWorks employees.”

– Herman Daniels, Immediate Past CIO, Gulf Coast State College

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