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Without proper planning and management, your institution can risk losing its accreditation status. But it doesn't have to be this way. At CampusWorks, we can help you take a proactive approach to accountability.

Here's how we can help…


Whether you're preparing for an on-site quality review or you're in need of remediation, CampusWorks can help.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of your business processes and technology infrastructure, we will work together to help you address deficiencies and implement industry best practices to ensure that your institution meets accreditation standards and addresses current findings. We understand that timely response to accreditation findings is critical. CampusWorks can be the extra hands and talent you need to move through the necessary steps to resolve issues and prepare materials that will highly satisfy your accreditation team.

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Human Resources Compliance

Whether your Human Resources department is struggling to implement new regulations, seeking an evaluation of its processes and technologies, or looking for leadership support, CampusWorks can help.

Through a comprehensive process reimagine and redesign, we will evaluate your current business practices, technology infrastructure, and staffing to help you identify areas for improvement. We can help you operationalize the Affordable Care Act's requirements and reporting, paying particular attention to part-time employees—including adjunct faculty as well as student employees—who are now covered under the act. We will work closely with your team to ensure that your HR department is fully optimized to comply with regulations and better serve your employees.

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Financial Aid Consulting

Whether your institution is struggling to keep up with Financial Aid regulations, seeking an evaluation of financial aid processes and supporting technologies, or looking for financial aid leadership, CampusWorks can help.   

We will evaluate your current business practices, technology infrastructure, and staffing to ensure that your financial aid services are optimized to serve your students. This assessment will enable us to identify improvements that will ensure compliance and keep your funding secure.

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Accreditation Success at San Jose Evergreen Community College District

When the new Chancellor at San Jose Evergreen Community College District was faced with a neglected infrastructure, an ineffective administrative system, no technology plan, and the prospect of losing accreditation, she turned to CampusWorks for help.

Through a comprehensive technology assessment, we evaluated the needs of the district and its colleges and developed a multi-year strategic technology plan that was tightly aligned with their goals and vision. This plan served as a key document for the district's accreditation visit and received exceptional feedback from the accreditation board.

Even though SJECCD had the budget to install a new ERP system, CampusWorks found a way to reengineer their current system to meet the district's needs, which saved them $5 million and resulted in lower annual maintenance costs. With these newfound savings, SJECCD was able to allocate resources to other important projects, like implementing new learning management and library systems and upgrading their network infrastructure.

Through our collaborative partnership, CampusWorks helped San Jose Evergreen Community College District overhaul its technology infrastructure, save money, improve student service, and preserve its accreditation.

 “CampusWorks could put out the fires in hell…”

– Rita Cepeda, Chancellor, San Jose Evergreen Community College District

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